Il Voce Returns From Annual Fall Retreat

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

The weekend of September 28-30, Il Voce, South Lancaster Academy’s traveling choir, departed for their annual retreat in Rangeley Plantation up in Maine. The main purposes of these annual Voce retreats are narrowed down to two important aspects. To encourage the members of Voce to come together and work as a unit, and to let the members feel comfortable with the spiritual aspect of VoceVoce shares and commits a lot of time towards the group both in school and outside of school learning music and performing for audiences. Along with feeling comfortable with the spirtiual aspect of Voce, Voce members need to also feel comfortable with each other, so that they can perform to their best abilities and share their mission with themselves and the audience. The mission being to show the world that young adults today, can be spiritually minded, talented, and be an important part of this world.

This specific retreat was pointed to working towards rehearsing and tuning for this coming Alumni Weekend. Apart from just rehearsing, activities, games, and vespers were held to balance out reheasing and fun. When asked what she’s aiming for with Voce group this year, Mrs. Cady, Browning/SLA Music teacher responded, “Our goal always is to show how youth can come together with a purpose to show their love of music and God to those around those around them.”

With the absence of last years Seniors, many new faces have been added toVoce. When Sophomore Raissa Silva was asked on her thoughts on her first retreat, she very excitedly replied, “Voce retreat was awesome! Too much fun. We should definitely have it like five times a year. The group this year is very energetic and loads of fun. I’m having a blast with them. Especially playing catchphrase!” (One of the games that took part on the trip).

“I think Voce retreat was awesome. It was a nice time to get together with people I don’t normally talk to.” Sophomore Dylan Gibbons responded. “We did activities and good things and the house we stayed at was huge! I would definitely go again last year. It was so awesome.”

Students who have taken part in voce on previous years, happily added their thoughts to the conversation. Senior Felicia Rice told SLA Pioneer, “I look forward to Voce retreat every year. This was my third year! And it’s a great opportunity to get to know the group before you have to see each other like every weekend.”

Junior Isaac Valera retorted, “I love Voce retreat. It’s one of the things I look foward to the most each year. It brings us together not only as a traveling choir but also with God. He’s the one we sing to.”

When Mrs. Cady was asked how she feels about this years Voce group, she confidently responded, “I think they have a lot of potential. We’re off to a good start. We have a lot of room for growing and they’re a good group. I’m happy with them. Only positive things to say.”

Judging by the replies given by Voce members, this retreat was a fantastic way to bring them all together. It seems it was very enjoyable, and the purpose in becoming more at ease with each other as a group has also seemed to be achieved. Cheers to Voce and all their accomplishments made and to come! Please, if you ever have a chance, come and listen. If you love music and God, it’s the complete package.

“The Church knew what the psalmist knew: Music praises God. Music is well or better able to praise him than the building of the church and all its decoration; it is the Church’s greatest ornament.”
-Igor Stravinsky

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